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New Ballagh staff with Teresa holding flowers in a cafe
Volunteer award for New Ballagh Centre

New Ballagh

New Ballagh has magical properties. It seems as soon as someone becomes involved with New Ballagh, they fall immediately in love with New Ballagh and are soothed by it. It brings out the protective nature of all and together, without ego or agenda, we all strive to make New Ballagh better for the community.

The Heart of New Ballagh

The Heart of New Ballagh is most definitely our Volunteers. They are the ones that deliver the wonderful service that is Rossinver Calling. We can always rely on them to ensure that our clients on Rossinver Calling hang up the phone with a smile on their face and their families have the reassurance that there is someone else looking out for their loved ones.

We are so proud that one of our volunteers, Teresa Condron, won Volunteer of the Year 2022 in the Health and Wellbeing section. Teresa, like all our volunteers, do not look for recognition but richly deserves it.

The Soul of New Ballagh

The Soul has to be our Board. We are incredibly lucky to have a board that really believes in New Ballagh and wants to see it not only to continue, but improve how New Ballagh serves the people of Rossinver and the surrounding area. They support and help the staff above and beyond what is expected of them and that is why New Ballagh has such a lovely, welcoming feel to it.

The Brain of New Ballagh

Although there was much discussion in the office to call the staff the brain of New Ballagh, that is what they are. They are fed by the heart and soul and in return, they strive to give what the heart and soul wants and protect them. Be it our Rossinver Calling Coordinator, who ensures that the Volunteers are happy, our Outreach Officer who looks after our Active Age groups, our Community Training and Education Officer who looks after our Back to Education classes and ensures that our Community classes are the type of classes the people want, our Financial Administrator who does so much more than ensuring the lights stay on at New Ballagh, our Caretaker who ensure that no matter what time of the year, New Ballagh is looking it’s best or our Manager who makes sure that everyone has what they need, looks out for ways to improve New Ballagh and makes sure that New Ballagh continues to be a place that everyone can be proud of.
We cannot forget our tutors, our leaders of groups and the caretakers of Fowley’s Falls that are part of the team at New Ballagh.

Staff New Ballagh Centre
Staff New Ballagh Centre
Volunteer award by New Ballagh Centre
The staff of New Ballagh

The Board

New Ballagh has a Board to be envied. Every member has a history with New Ballagh and each has a particular area of expertise that benefits New Ballagh. They are either neighbours or members of groups of the centre and they all want the best for New Ballagh.

The Staff


Alex – Community Education and Training Officer

The newest member of the staff at New Ballagh is Alex. Coming from an education background, he is full of ideas and enthusiasm to make our Community Education classes really interesting and unique. no matter what your interests are, there will definitely be a class at New Ballagh for you to enjoy.

Fun Fact: Living in Japan until he was 10, Alex’s first language was Japanese and he could never get up to mischief as he was easy to spot, being taller than his classmates and teacher.

Thelma – Financial Administrator

Although from Dromohair, she has family links to Rossinver. Thelma is our financial genius. She makes sense of funding applications, ensures that our financial records are in line with regulations and also makes sure that all bills are paid. She has endeared herself by bringing in lovely free range eggs on occasion.

Olivia – Manager

Moving from Kildare to Sligo and now working in Leitrim, Olivia is our double blow-in. We still welcome her except when Leitrim plays Kildare LGFA as her niece is on the Kildare team.  She, by her own admission, has the best job ever. She oversees an amazing team, reports to a fantastic board and works in a stunning place. It is her job to support the team, make sure that New Ballagh is looked after, look for funding to improve the centre and ensure the future success of New Ballagh.

Fun Fact: Thelma and Olivia all share the same birthday. This means that not only do they get on brilliantly but there is a heap of cake in New Ballagh that day!

Pauline – Rossinver Calling Coordinator

When not looking after her sheep or Dexter cattle, Pauline is in charge of the volunteers and ensures that all our clients on Rossinver Calling are well looked after. With stellar knowledge of the area and its families and her gentle easy-going manner, she is much loved by the clients of Rossinver Calling.

Sarah – Outreach Officer

Passionate about the environment and self-sustainability, Sarah is our Outreach Officer responsible for the active age groups that New Ballagh oversees. She assists the groups in planning activities, outings and the dreaded paperwork that comes with groups. She also makes sure that they are aware of any news that might be beneficial to them. During lockdown she maintained contact with members of the group to lessen the feeling of social isolation. She is also in charge of our Choir of Ages that fills the centre with joyous song.

Fun Fact: Sarah is the longest member of staff so she is the unofficial keeper of the recent history of New Ballagh. If we need to know anything that happened in the past 15 years, Sarah is our orb of knowledge!

Dan – New Ballagh Caretaker

Dan is the man. He is solely responsible for making sure that New Ballagh always looks good no matter what time of year and preempts any little issues before they turn into huge ones. It is Dan who makes sure that the hall is ready for either groups or classes and that the bats are safe during their nosy season. He maintains the graves and makes sure that our paths are safe. Dan always makes sure that New Ballagh is welcoming to everyone.

Fun Fact: Dan and Pauline’s husband are capped athletes for Ireland! They have travelled all around the world bringing honour to Leitrim and Ireland in Tug of War.