After many years of having a perfectly serviceable but slightly dated website, we decided to have it not only update, but to add a few features such as links to our social media and a  Blog. Massive shoutout and thanks to Format for their stellar work and endless patience. 

It is our hope that the blog will be written by any member of staff or indeed the Board so we can give our own perspective on life at New Ballagh as well as keeping people updated with our many activities that go on at New Ballagh which will be also shared on social media.

Others will be more factual, for example, when we updated the website, we removed some of historical detail from our history page. The only reason was that quite simply put, there’s an awful lot of information about New Ballagh and its previous incarnation, Ballagh Church. So much information was put on one page that it made it a bit overwhelming and off-putting when you first saw it. We decided to just put some brief details on the history page and explain more in blogs. 

Others will be reports of special events. It could be a report of Culture Night, It could be a report about an exhibit or it could be a funny event that happened at New Ballagh, which happens quite often, not surprisingly considering there is a lot happening in the place. 

Sometimes it will be about Fowley’s Falls and St. Molaise’s Well, two places that we are honoured to be the guardians of. 

So in short, it is our hope that the many Blogs of New Ballagh will make you see New Ballagh as so much more than a small community centre in Rossinver, Co. Leitrim. We hope that through our words you will see it as we do, a beautiful place that welcomes you and makes you feel comfortable. A place where you can meet friends, learn new things and relish the history of it.